About Home Sweet Homelessness

Home Sweet Homelessness is an affordable, effective, enjoyable and energizing learning and training tool for those determined to narrow the social distance between those with homes and those without them.  An easy to play, engaging board game designed by guests in a homeless shelter, it was intended to serve as a “simulator” for those who have never experienced what the designers lived through every day.  Now over 1000 copies of it are in use in 36 states from coast to coast, and even in Australia, Ireland, and the UK!

CLICK to go to our New Home Sweet Homelessness site…with complete purchase options  and quantity discounts.

Watch the Video!

What makes the game work so well?
Lifestyles – from living on the street to buying your own home
Opportunity and Challenge Cards – that will help players move up or down, just by luck toward a home of their own or onto the street.
Question “?” Cards – that will help players step into the shoes of those who fell into homelessness and to feel it themselves
Ease of Play – no training or facilitation is needed.  Rules are simple!

Who is using the game? School districts use it in training teachers through McKinney-Vento funding.  High School and Colleges use it for community service preparation and reflection.  Churches, shelters, and soup kitchens use it to help their volunteers develop closer relationships with those they accompany in service.  Corporations and non-profits use it to sensitize employees and energize donors.

Cost?  Availability?  Pricing is $25 plus tax and postage.  Online purchase is available by credit cards and PayPal; purchase by P.O. or check may be  easily processed by email contact.100% of revenues are used in production and marketing of the game.  

John Daniels, “Lead Servant”  email at HomeSweetHomelessness@Gmail.com 

One thought on “About Home Sweet Homelessness

  1. HI
    Our lead social worker would like to order a few of these. Can you send me a completed W9? Our school system needs on e on file so we can do a PO. Thanks so much.

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